How it works

Jamollar is a News and Media Platform with an Affiliate-Monetizing system that reward users for taking online tasks such as reading news, commenting, sharing news and promoting campaign posts.

Everyone the opportunity to make money online from news reading while getting first hand information of recent happenings around. We offer news in various niches which cut across political news, entertainment news, business news, sports news, local news, health and wellness, Tech and gadget, among many others..

Our revenues are generated from membership registration, Google AdSense (Our marketing partner), Affiliates partners, and corporate partners who leverage on our site traffic to advertise their product business.

What distinguishes Jamollar from other news website is that we pay our community members for reading news on our platform. Everyone can earn money while going about their daily life. No strict norms, we only bring you the latest piece of information that always allures you.

Register today and earn money without a hassle. We pay every 25th day of the month, plus N500 bonus for anybody you refer to the platform (Note that referral is not compulsory for cashout)

This is absolutely the best way to make legit cash online without hassle.

How do I join?

We have simplified the process of joining our platform using these four (4) steps:

  1. Purchase your Activation Voucher for just N2,000, through any of our approved Vendors. CLICK HERE to see a list of all approved vendors.
  2. Log in and click on Register
  3. Fill the forms with accurate information
  4. Hit the SUBMIT button and you’re good to go

Earnings on Jamollar

  1. You sign up with N2,500
  2. Once you Sign up, you receive a bonus of 2000 points
  3. Reading News earn you 20 points
  4. Commenting on News 5 points
  5. Daily Login bonus is 100 points
  6. You Earn 120 points for Sharing our Daily sponsored post
  7. You Earn 120 points for sharing our Daily Promotional post.
  8. And Earn N500 for Referral Bonus.
  9. You Earn additional N2,000 for inviting more than 10 people within a month.

Payments and Points

  1. JP points are converted according to the conversion rate announced by our administrators monthly. (The revenue generated for the month will determine the conversation rate)
  2. Minimum and maximum points to be withdrawn is 20,000 points
  3. Withdrawal is paid within 1day to 7days after placing a request
  4. Payment starts from 25th of every month to 2nd of the next month
  5. You must refer atleast 2 persons to be qualified for payment each month


  1. We pay N500 per referral
  2. Referral bonus are paid daily upon request

Earning Terms and Conditions

  1. Members are required to compulsorily share our daily sponsored post and promotional post to their Facebook timeline and the Instagram page (Failure to comply will lead to the seizure of earned points)
  2. There is a compulsory membership renewal fee paid every month. But it is rather deducted from the member previous earnings. i.e, If a member earns N10,000 in June, we will pay the member N7,500 and take away N2,500 to renew his/her membership.
  3. Members are mandated to refer atleast two persons to qualify for payment monthly.
  4. Not all social media accounts are accepted for sharing of our campaign post. The criteria for eligibility are;
    1. Facebook account must have at least 400 active friends
    2. Instagram account must have at least 50 active followers
  5. Comments are shut after two days of publishing
  6. Commenting of single words such as; (wow, ok, Nawa, why, ah, mogbe, okay oo, etc..) are not allowed on our platform. -10points will be deducted from anyone that is caught in such an act.